Andria Santos


Andria Santos

CEO and founder

Andria Santos is the CEO and founder of Fülhaus Inc, a turnkey interior design firm servicing the short term rental market. After completing her law degree in the UK, Andria returned to Montreal to develop and refine her legal skills, working in the airline and real estate industries.  Noticing the increase in commercial operators in Montreal, many of whom were her tenants, she quickly saw a gap in the market for a design and furnishing partner. Since 2015, Fülhaus has expanded across North America and has been a key asset in helping some of the the largest commercial operators scale.

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"Thank you for ABODA's inclusion into the inaugural SAS Americas. I was very impressed with the quality and content of the summit and look forward to seeing you again at the SAS Europe in London this summer."

Lee Curtis, president, ABODA

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