Gordon M. Doell

OBASA Group of Companies

Gordon M. Doell

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Gordon M. Doell is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the OBASA Group of Companies, including OBASA Capital. The OBASA Group is a portfolio of companies that Gordon and his team have started from scratch. Through OBASA Capital, Gordon has recently begun acquiring existing operating companies that have a history of growth, strong management, and a sustainable business model to support future prosperity.  

As a visionary, Gordon identifies business opportunities that transcend industries, propelling him from building award-winning communities and commercial real estate projects to leading temporary housing organizations, and establishing global, technology-based networks. A pioneer in the accommodations industry, Gordon has led multiple enterprises through 30 years of successful business in North America, with affiliates world wide.

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"Thank you for ABODA's inclusion into the inaugural SAS Americas. I was very impressed with the quality and content of the summit and look forward to seeing you again at the SAS Europe in London this summer."

Lee Curtis, president, ABODA

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