Kulveer Taggar

Zeus Living

Kulveer Taggar

CEO and co-founder

Kulveer began his career at Deutsche Bank in London, interning first as an 18 year old Research Assistant for the Chief UK Economist, and then graduating into the Global Markets Division where he worked in sales and trading. After 4 years with Deutsche, he left to focus full-time on his first startup, an online marketplace for students that he had started at Oxford. He raised investment from Y Combinator, becoming the first international and non-technical founder they funded in 2006.

He moved to the United States and started work on Auctomatic, a company aimed at making running businesses on eBay easier. After a year and a half, Taggar sold the company to Live Current Media, a public company based in Vancouver, Canada.

His latest endeavor, Zeus Living, is focused on redefining corporate housing. The idea had its origins in property management. After struggling to rent out a house, Kulveer had the idea to create a service where other struggling landlords can immediately sign a lease with Zeus, having their rent guaranteed each month with peace of mind that isn’t usually afforded by traditional property managers.

Zeus then furnishes and designs the unit, and rents it out to corporate executives for stays longer than 30 days. It’s great for business travellers who need flexible, beautiful, furnished space. 

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Congratulations and thank you for a terrific event! I very much enjoyed the two days in NYC and was impressed with the event, the content and the individuals."

Jon Pertchik, CEO, InTown Suites

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