Rich Tuckwell


Rich Tuckwell

Chief Commercial Officer

Rich is on a mission to revolutionise direct bookings in the accommodation sector. 

He does things differently, and it has always worked, so he’s unlikely to change the formula now! With a successful background in sales, business acquisition and global new business development, he’s worked within a wide and diverse range of industries, starting in the communications software sector, before moving to the SaaS hospitality market. His work has been particularly focused around the UK, Europe and North America. Rich was recognised as one of the Top Extraordinary Minds in 2016 by HSMAI Europe.

Branding and marketing strategy have always been another of Rich’s passions, and this can be seen in the rebrand that Avvio undertook just a few months into Rich taking up the role. As Rich says “I believe my success is due to my ability to focus on the key attributes of product or services, and then turn that USP into a brand the world aligns with”. Now heading up Avvio’s US base in Las Vegas, Rich is keen to show accommodation providers in North America that Europe’s leading booking engine can significantly grow your direct bookings.

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"Thank you for ABODA's inclusion into the inaugural SAS Americas. I was very impressed with the quality and content of the summit and look forward to seeing you again at the SAS Europe in London this summer."

Lee Curtis, president, ABODA

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